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2 years ago

How to Host Private Party at Luxurious Property Lombok in Bukit

Having a private party in luxurious accommodation, especially property Lombok in the beautiful Bukit area is a great option to host a special event. Many people rent a luxurious villa for short period of time, using it as an exclusive venue for special event. You can take advantage from this by investing in luxurious villa and offering it as event venue, beside holiday accommodation. A designer villa in Bukit, for example, can serve as an exclusive venue for private party that celebrates any occasion.


Tips to Host Private Party at Bukit Property Lombok

Three-bedroom designer villa in Bukit (The Hill) area is a great place to hold private party, because it is spacious, has lots of party ground areas, and equipped with complete facilities to make the event enjoyable. You can, for example, turn the villa into venue to celebrate your birthday, with small music performance, buffet table, and dancing area.


You can also turn the designer villa into private wedding venue, which is a trend among many modern young couples. After the wedding, you can have the biggest bedroom as honeymoon accommodation, and you can present the other bedrooms to sleeping guests. Spacious garage and parking lots give more ease if you plan to invite guests that drive cars.


Party Facilities to Have at Bukit Property Lombok

Designer villa in Bukit has kitchen and bar area that you can turn into a part of buffet table. If you want more formal event, it is more than adequate to prepare meals for all your guests. The sound system facilities provide entertainment for the guests. It also has good wedding ground, and there are many open spaces in the house to hold birthday party or other private events.


Luxurious designer villa in Bukit area is a potential purchase in Lombok, especially if you offer event venues at this property Lombok product in the famous The Hill area.